35 Dark Color Design Make Home Luxurious and Serene

We can’t change the fast pace of the city, so we can only make our home slow and slow. We can’t avoid busy work. Fortunately, we can create a leisure time and space at home. The “wonderful” world outside will only empty you, only home is the permanent energy supply station. I want to make my family change slowly, comfortably and leisurely, and become a warm space that can recuperate my body and mind and provide supplies.

It is a good idea to use brown, black and some dark colors to make your home luxurious and scene. Dark brown highlights the texture in a low-key way and shapes the taste of life. No matter be metopic, still furniture, cloth art, the brown that comes from the earth is the most classic choice absolutely. Luxurious velvet material, modern furniture decorated with natural wood tone and bronze metal, the calm atmosphere lingers in this comfortable space. The color combination with the meaning of autumn and winter makes the senior grey and brown series mix with a solemn and quiet atmosphere.

35 Dark Color Design Make Home Luxurious and Serene home design, dark color design, brown, black

Image Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

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