35 Table Lamp Which Can Decorate Your Cozy Room

Table lamp, it is a kind of lamp, cabinet delicate, convenient carry. Table lamp basically is adornment action, facilitate reading, study, work. The lamp has been far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become a work of art. A delicate table lamp will bring their warm feelings in the middle of the night. The following 35 pictures can be used as guides when you consider table lamps in your home.

Table lamp is the lamp that designs for reading or use, it is a kind of household electric appliance that USES illume in people life. Table lamp besides reading, outside adornment. The latest technology is also like a robot, can move, can dance, automatic dimming, playing music, clock, video, touch and other functions, especially ceramic technology table lamp also has the value of collection.

When indoor lighting must be used, be careful not to direct the light to the eyes. When writing table lamp is in normal working position, the person’s eye looks to horizontal direction, should not see the inner wall of chimney and illuminant. Table lamp has according to style classification: contemporary desk lamp, archaize desk lamp, table lamp of Europe type, Chinese style desk lamp, costly, contracted, vogue to wait. Take a look at the following 35 pictures to choose the right lamp to decorate your cozy home!

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