35 Ways of DIY Deocrations for Valentione’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a Christian holiday in honor of a young man named Valentine. He became a faithful believer in Christianity in the third century, but unfortunately he was arrested and jailed. In those days Christianity was considered pagan, and those arrested were executed. Valentine believed in his innocence and loved the governor’s daughter before he died. He wrote a long note to express his pursuit of love. He was praised by Christianity for his loyalty and bold pursuit of happiness, which set the day of his death as Valentine’s Day.

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to make couples pay more attention to each other’s feelings, and finally get married. At the beginning of the New Year, you should have a confession and plan for the people you like, give them some surprises, and sow the seeds of love in your heart. It is a good idea to decor your home with some cute and special things made by yourself.

35 Ways of DIY Deocrations for Valentione's Day home deocration, festival decoration, Valentine's Day

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