38 Simple but Warm Home Design Closed to Nature

This year’s most popular home decoration style is simple decoration, close to nature, behind the simple design is our yearning for natural leisure life. We decorate the natural style. The house color of this style mainly adopts wood color and green color, with light blue reflecting the natural color.

The house color of this style mostly uses silver gray, white as the main color, with more colorful accessories to match. Simple style can make the space expand, so it is especially suitable for small house. Simple style decoration design simple style pay attention to every small detail, obviously is a very difficult effect. Simplify the detail design elements such as color, light and material, but have high requirements for the overall texture. It embodies certain cultural taste in simplicity, and contains rich practicability, which meets the style of modern people’s life requirements.

38 Simple but Warm Home Design Closed to Nature home design, home decor,  white decoration, simple design

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The characteristics of family decoration simple style is not simple, it is based on the complex rate of deep thinking, layers of consideration, and finally stripping out what is unnecessary to get the optimal solution. And it’s not just simple stacking and tasteless placement. Today, I have collected some elegant home design examples for you. If you are interested, please read them.

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