Beautiful Bathroom Decorations that Let Your Home Become More Warm and Comfortable!

A small toilet, should accommodate a family to wash gargle however, bath, go to lavatory to wait for a need, still need to contain even receive, wash clothes, dry the function that dry wet separates to wait a moment. So say, of toilet decorate is not easy, and want to make a practical toilet, so should choose the layout of good toilet. If you are thinking about the layout or style of your bathroom, you can refer to the following pictures.

The most common layout is: wash gargle stage → closestool → shower area, use at narrow rectangle toilet more. They are on the same side, which can better save space, free the aisle and make the space spacious. The layout of linear type still has another kind of way, change seat of closestool and wash gargle station: closestool, wash gargle station, shower area. Shower area and wash gargle stage are located in rectangular side long longer metope two sides respectively, short edge one side is closestool, opposite closestool is toilet door. This kind of design can let the middle corridor do not obstruct, let the space more show capacious.

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Wash gargle stage, closestool is located in metope two sides respectively, the space of included Angle between them is independent shower area. Such layout suits square toilet more. The square toilet of the area is not big cannot contain the layout that straight line type arranges a way, to vertical layout can better leave the space of footpath. So quickly refer to the picture below, let your home become more warm and comfortable!

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